• Park Entry R120 per person
    • includes: Supertube Slides, Inflatable Park, Bungee, Pumptrax and Splash pad area.
  • Spectators R20 per person


Designed for the outdoor junkies, our Pumptrax is perfect for the adventurous/sporty guys and gals of all ages who enjoy anything on wheels! Bring along your whole family with their push bikes, BMX bikes, mountain bikes, skateboards, scooters and roller skates, you’ll all have a ball on our 250m asphalt pump track and while you’re at it you’ll improve your balance, co-ordination, flexibility and concentration.

Pricing & Rates
  • R120 – Full Day
  • R50 – Bike Hire
  • R25 – Helmet Hire
  • R40 – Skateboard Hire
Opening Hours
  • Open from 9.00am – 5.00pm


SA’s BIGGEST Supertube at Wavehouse Durban is not to be missed! You’re in for a thrilling experience on this 180m Spaghetti Junction supertube which shoots you up in a lift to the top before slipping into a pitch-black funnel, followed by a drop into luminous tubing and then a plunge into the pool.  {There’s also a super fun-filled speed racer and kiddies slides}

Opening Hours
  • Open from  9.00am – 5.00pm
  • Please note: The slides are closed on a Monday and Tuesday except for Public and School Holidays
Pricing & Rates
  • Full Day – R120 per person
  • Spectator – R20 per person


Water lovers! Feel alive as you go with the flow by riding the endless wave which pumps thousands of gallons of water, the experience and thrill of the flow rider will keep you coming back for more leaving spectators entertained for hours.

Pre-book your kids/teens school holidays at Wavehouse Durban and ensure they spend some time on the Flowrider, they won’t want to leave after a full day of fun.

“Ride a Flowrider once, and it is thrilling – practice it, and the thrill will never end like the wave you are riding.”

Pricing & Rates
  • R 130 per hour
  • R1300 per hour for party of 10 max.
Opening Hours
  • Open from 09.00am – 5.00pm.

Please note: The flowrider runs on the hour every hour from 9am and the last flowrider session is from 4-5pm.


It’s getting hot out there! If you’re looking for an easy way to cool off, you can’t go wrong with our water play areas. Designed for your little ones, this spot is a kids favourite! Our newly upgraded splashpad has exciting areas for kids to go wild and play all day.

Pricing & Rates
  • R120 Full Day
  • R50 Bike Hire
  • R25 Helmet Hire
  • R40 Skateboard
Opening Hours
  • Open from 9.00am – 5.00pm


It’s unlimited fun for the little adventurers in our toddlers zone which is near the entrance of WaveHouse Durban (honestly, you can’t miss it!). Under 6’s are welcome to play in this super safe section made up of a wavy slide, softer and smaller toys and obstacles to climb on.

Parents, not to worry, it’s clean, well-lit and our friendly trained staff are on-site to watch and help your kiddies! While the kids play, sit back, relax & enjoy a meal at the Ella Bella restaurant, located across from the Toddler zone.

Kiddies are not to be left on the premises without parental supervision, rather keep your child in their play area. Staff will monitor the play area’s to help keep the children in their zone, however parents are responsible for their own children at all time. Certified jumps with safety mats and all jump entrances and exits have a lockable gate for security and kiddies are given with an ID bracelet so we know who we have in the play area.

Pricing & Rates
  • R40.00 per child 0-6 years only
  • Sand Art R20 each
Opening Hours
  • Open from 9.00am – 5.00pm
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